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Wilson Chiropractic Center: Back Pain and Personal Injuries

At our Wilson chiropractic clinic, our chiropractors, Dr. Colin Kurtz and our staff provide a variety of chiropractic and related treatments to our clients in Wilson chiropractors relieve pain and personal injury the Wilson area, including Stantonsburg, Bailey, Elm City, Middlesex, Black Creek, Kenly, Lucama, Pinetops, and Rocky Mount. Our approach to wellness involves removing the problem causing your pain non-invasively, rather than masking it with medication or correcting it with surgery. Our equipment and techniques are among the latest and most effective at treating ongoing pain, whether from a traumatic personal injury or from unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Our Wilson Chiropractic Services and Techniques

At the center of our practice is spinal alignments. Most back pain, neck pain and many headache and limb pains stem from a spinal sublaxation, or misalignment. The spine may also be over pressured, or there may be degenerative discs or herniated discs. In any case, these problems cause nerve impingement, which is a primary source of persistent pain throughout your entire body, as well as tension and muscle spasms.

We employ several different treatment styles so we can address your specific problem. After a preliminary spinal screening to determine the source of your problem, we may implement spinal decompression by using a drop table, alone or in combination with adjustments using the Activator tool and the Palmer Technique.

In addition, we provide nutritional and lifestyle counseling to promote a more healthy you. Having a good diet, good body mechanics and an active lifestyle have proven to be a tremendous benefit to keep back and neck pain from personal injury as well as headache, neck and back pain from stressful, sedentary lifestyles. With your commitment to health, the advice of our chiropractic team can not only bring you back to normal health quickly, but it can also propel you to new levels of health and well being in body, mind and soul.

In order to make your recovery as quick as possible, more complete and to help you achieve a new level of wellness, it is important to adhere to your Wilson chiropractor's care plan in its entirety. Every part of it is designed to address your unique needs and make you healthy in as short a time as possible. Skipping any aspect of your plan can not only slow down your recovery; in some cases, it can make things worse!

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