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Wilson Chiropractic help patients with neck pain and back pain It is no surprise that when our bodies are out of alignment, so are our daily lives. Chronic neck pain, back pain, headache pain, diseases such as fibromyalgia, and other personal injury pain not only affect our physical health, it can also affect our jobs and everyday activities. Kurtz Chiropractic in Wilson has been helping patients resume a state of well being since 1994.

Our goal is to help local residents promote health and wellness in order to live the best life possible. The chiropractic team of Dr. Colin Kurtz remains committed to providing Wilson area patients with the quality care they need in order to live life to the fullest through innovative and natural techniques designed to improve overall wellness.

Chiropractors Provide Relief for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches

The most widely recognized medical principle is simple: If the body is misaligned, other health problems generally arise. Of course, unlike conventional medicine, chiropractic care aims to treat illness before they occur rather than waiting for pain to manifest. Through careful diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, we have been able to help many patients change their lives. We tailor each patient's treatment and wellness program to their individual needs, making our treatment programs thorough and effective.

Chiropractor provides relief to back pain and personal injuries Many of our patients have found relief through treatments at our clinic for symptoms associated with neck pain, back pain, chronic headache pain, fibromyalgia, tooth pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis, personal injury, nerve damage, prenatal discomfort, sciatica, vertigo, and other chronic and accident-related pain. Our chiropractors and staff members offer advanced treatments such as acupuncture, corrective exercises, laser therapy, motion palpation, spinal decompression, spinal posture screening, drop table therapy, and the Palmer technique. These techniques are designed to work with the natural state of the body in order to increase range of movement, heal nerve damage, prevent swelling, and promote overall healing.

Kurtz Chiropractic in Wilson is happy to serve patients in the surrounding areas of Elm City, Bailey, Middlesex, Kenly, Lucama, Rocky Mount, Pinetops, Black Creek, and Stantonsburg. It is our ultimate goal to help our patients prevent illness, combat symptoms, and promote overall wellness. If there is a symptom or health problem not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us to schedule an evaluation appointment.

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