Auto Accident Injury

Kurtz Chiropractic Provides Real Pain Relief
for Auto Accident Injury Patients

wilson chiropractic treats whiplash from auto accident injuryAn auto accident is a scary experience. Even if you walk away without any broken bones, the accident may have done serious damage to your spine - an accident injury you may not realize has occurred until much later. If you suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain or headache as the result of a car accident, it's never too late to get lasting help for a personal injury. The wellness team at Kurtz Chiropractic is here to help relieve your pain and correct the underlying problem, so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about pain.

Chiropractic Care Helps Accident Injury Patients Heal

Chiropractor Dr. Colin Kurtz and Dr. James Carraher will assist with treatment, and management of spinal injuries. He also has extensive experience helping patients recover from spinal trauma, intervertebral disc injuries/protrusions, spine-related pain, and chronic pain syndromes. He has been helping personal injury patients manage pain following traumatic car accidents for more than 18 years.

During an auto accident, you may experience whiplash, an injury that occurs to the neck. When a car is struck from behind, the force of this impact causes a misalignment of the cervical spine, straining the neck's muscles and ligaments. This misalignment can cause chronic neck pain and stiffness, headache at the base of the skull, dizziness, blurred vision and fatigue. You may also struggle to concentrate, experience ringing in your ears, have memory problems and suffer from sleep disturbances. While prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants can temporarily ease pain, this relief is fleeting. Chiropractic adjustment will safely restore alignment to your spine.

back pain from auto accidentA herniated disc in the lower back is also a common accident injury following a car crash. During impact, a disc in the lower back may become dislodged due to the rapid movement of the crash. If the herniated disc presses upon a nerve, this injury can cause serious pain in the lower back, legs, and buttocks. You may even suffer from sciatica, a chronic pain condition that occurs when a disc in the lower back presses upon the sciatic nerve. The only way to correct this injury and permanently relieve pain is by restoring proper alignment to the spine. Hands-on chiropractic adjustment and non-surgical decompression therapy reposition the disc so it is no longer compressed upon the nerve. This eases pain, ensures patients suffer from lasting relief, and protects against future injury.

Many whiplash and accident injury patients also benefit from corrective care exercises. Like physical therapy, these exercises are tailored to the needs of each individual. Corrective exercises are designed to strengthen your body, build flexibility and recover full movement and motion control. Massage therapy is another complementary therapy that can also help you manage pain following an auto accident. Our massage therapist will apply gentle pressure to relax and stretch muscles and connective tissues. A deep-tissue massage can also stimulate deep layers of your muscles, promoting healing and alleviating back pain and spasms.

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