We value our patients' experience at Kurtz Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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I was in a car accident that left my car totaled and my lower back in constant pain while my mid back burned nearly every moment of the day. My lower back's shooting pain came when I sat too long or stood more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time. When I presented to Dr. Kurtz, my pain was 10 out of 10. I had no previous treatment prior to seeing Dr. Kurtz other than alternating heat and ice at home. For the pain in my mid back I was taking Aleve 2 per day. My lower back pain and the shooting pain down my buttocks and the backs of my legs came during the day and at night which interrupted my sleep. I have been a patient of Dr. Kurtz's previously for healthy maintenance. I had no doubt that a chiropractor's course of treatment would help me. My alternatives are pain medication to manage the pain or surgery. Neither of these naturally corrects what naturally happens as a result of muscle and disk damage from a car accident. My first impression was I was home. The staff is friendly, polite, efficient, and understanding. They listen without making me feel rushed. Dr. Kurtz is always laughing and smiling when he steps in the room. The results of this treatment have been remarkable. I have responded very well to the treatments and exercises he recommended. Chiropractic has helped me heal naturally without the use pain managing drugs and surgery. I would recommend seeing a chiropractor for anything. I have never missed an opportunity to express the benefits and positive atmosphere of Kurtz Chiropractic to others. 

Lynn H. 

I had severe pain radiating from my neck through my shoulders, massive knots along each shoulder blade and pain across my lower back with swelling. I could not sit, lie down, or stand without pain radiating through my body. My wife and I had had a family vacation planned a year in advance, 8 days prior before leaving on our vacation I couldn't sit. A coworker of mine called the Dr. Kurtz at Kurtz Chiropractic and made the appointment for the same day, and handed me the time on a piece of paper.
I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, however I was still very skeptical. Honestly Dr. Kurtz was Patch Adams with the large friendly smile, big handshake and a positive attitude. The staff was always in motion, scurrying around being attentive to patients. Everyone had a name, everyone was greeted, and everyone was attended. Three tightly scheduled visits to Dr. Kurtz, and I made it through the trip.
Enjoyed is not a word I would choose to describe the benefit of chiropractic services. Life sustaining benefit would be more applicable. The pain relief obtained from chiropractic with Dr. Kurtz sustains your life- it allows you to fully live it once more. Since that time I have referred several co-workers and my wife to see Dr. Kurtz and they have all been extremely happy with their results with Dr. Kurtz.  THANKS DR. KURTZ.
Robert M.

After 2 months of having lower neck/arm/upper back pain and my fear of surgery, I made the decision to try Chiropractic care. My first impression of Kurtz Chiropractic was incredible, the staff was professional and Dr. Kurtz was caring and was confidant he could help me to get better without the use of drugs or surgery.  Dr. Kurtz recommended spinal adjustments and exercise for my treatment plan. Dr. Kurtz eased the pain and discomfort I was feeling, and I would definitely recommend consulting Kurtz Chiropractic Center  if you are having pain.  I have already told many of my friends the benefits of chiropractic care with Kurtz Chiropractic center of Wilson.
Joyce H.

I have been going to a chiropractor for over 20 years. My husband had tried it and was very pleased with the results. I started to receive care in upstate New York, and once in North Carolina I found Dr. Kurtz. The office staff and the Dr. Kurtz are great! I had been having back aches and a lot of neck stiffness and Dr. Kurtz in Wilson found out that I had a slipped disc. With regular adjustments and therapy, I feel young again. I plan to stay that way by continuing my care with Dr. Kurtz and his recommended exercises and stretches. I tell everyone to try chiropractic- especially with Kurtz Chiropractic!
Arlene H.

When waking up in the morning, standing and walking gave me such severe discomfort in my lower back and hip I could not straighten up. My husband's successful visits to Dr. Kurtz were very influential, so after 11 weeks of temporarily treating the problem with medication and another Chiropractor, I gave Kurtz Chiropractic care a try. Dr. Kurtz recommended a variety of stretches before getting out of bed in the morning. There was such a difference in the care that I received at Kurtz Chiropractic than the other office that I was being seen at.  Kurtz Chiropractic has helped me to become pain free and lead an active lifestyle and I will continue to be active by getting a monthly maintenance adjustment. I would tell anyone to consider an initial visit to the best Chiropractic office in Wilson- Kurtz Chiropractic.  
Brenda B.

My life had changed with pain. I used to  love to go riding on my motorcycle and swimming, and my lower back and neck pain were preventing me from doing the things I loved to do. My daughter referred me to go to Wilson chiropractor, Dr. Kurtz at Kurtz Chiropractic. Dr. Kurtz and his staff greeted me with a warm smile and reassurance that they could help me.  After a very thorough examination, Dr. Kurtz set up my treatment plan, gently adjusted or "re-aligned" my spine and neck, gave me physio-therapy, and I have no more pain!
Sheila W.

Hi.  My name is Wayne.  I own my own company and work long hours.  I drive, sit, perform computer work and walk a great deal (not to mention coach three different sports teams on my off time).  Sometimes 14 hours per day.  I want to give credit to my Family Chiropractor in Wilson- Dr. Kurtz.  Dr. Kurtz at Kurtz Chiropractic office has "saved me", when I had such severe pain in my neck and arm that the neurosurgeon recommended surgery. I saw Dr. Kurtz and with his treatment he repaired the damage that a lifetime of hard work has created.  Another time I had such severe pain in my lower back my wife had to help me get dressed in the morning, once again- Dr. Kurtz was there for me- he got me back to Health.  He has returned me to a healthy, active lifestyle that I maintain. I have three boys who are all in sports and I have to coach them as well as work.  I can honestly say that if it were not fro Dr. Kurtz I would not be as active or healthy as I am today.  Thanks Dr. Kurtz for watching my back!

Wayne H.

I first came to Kurtz Chiropractic Center for major pain in my lower back. The first thing I noticed about this office was the professional and knowledgeable staff. I underwent adjustment, therapies, used ice packs regularly and performed the exercises that Dr. Kurtz advised me to do. I can say that I have received GREAT results and only after 1 week. I would tell everyone to try chiropractic and give you own body the opportunity to heal it self.

Roberta W.

I woke up one morning and had horrible neck and back stiffness. I also had pressure in my arms. I had already tried medication, physical therapy, an epidural shot and even surgery and my pain was still there. I went to Kurtz Chiropractic Center and my doctor was Dr. Lloyd. He was so friendly and made me feel welcome. I now have less pain and have told so many of my friends about the great doctor's at Kurtz Chiropractic Center.

Rose W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kurtz for years and would never imagine going to any other place. I have problems with my lower back and hips that can at time be disabling. Throughout my treatment I have noticed serious improvement. At first I had tried seeing my primary care physician and had no relief, I also had to take handfuls of Tylenol and Advil a day. I was told by Dr. Kurtz that if I stuck with him and followed through with all of my exercises and treatment I would be preventing the next possible episode I could have. Today, I suffer from significantly less pain and have told so many of my friends about this place.

Jeff F.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a child and also had headaches on a regular basis. I have been a patient of chiropractic care since I was in high school, but not before trying pain medication and sleep aids and having no relief. The staff and doctor's at Kurtz Chiropractic were very professional. Dr. Kurtz told me I need to increase my exercises and have proper nutrition, along with regular adjustment, and in no time he'd have me all better. After the first month I could tell a difference in the amount of pain I experienced. I definitely support chiropractic.

Amy W.

My daughter was 14 months old and could not crawl or even get into the crawl position. We had taken her to Duke Medical Center for Children and she went through 5 months of physical therapy with no results.

I was seeing Dr. Kurtz due to an automobile accident and told him about what was going on with my daughter and he told me to bring her in. Dr. Kurtz showed us excercises to do that would help her pelvis bone move forward so she would be able to crawl. Within two days she was getting into the crawl position and was crawling everywhere by the 5th day. I do not have the words to describe how greatful we are for Dr. Kurtz and what he has done for my girl.

Dr. Kurtz was able to do more in one visits than 5 months of physicial therapy and a team of doctors at Duke.

Thank you so much,

The Worrell Family

I began seeing Dr. Kurtz earlier this year for pain I had in my neck and shoulders. I had the pain for several months and it was very severe. One of my friends had, had good results with his care so I set up an appointment. I was given a schedule of adjustments and stretches to do on my own. Over the past 4 months that I have been under the care of Dr. Kurtz I have become progressively better and the pain has almost completely gone away. I would tell anyone now to try chiropractic, it will literally change your life!

-Marcus Peele

I finished Chirothin middle of October, 2012. It has been about 6 months and I am down a total of 47.5 pounds. Chirothin was a valuable tool to give me the push I needed to make lasting lifestyle changes. I haven't felt this good in years! Thank God for you and Dr. Kurtz.

-Marcus Plating

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I am a landscaper and I can not do my job with pain. Through adjustment, stretches, and the DRX machine I am feeling much better and can do my job. I would recommend anyone that are sick, suffering, or in pain to try Chiropractic.

-Wade W.

I first came to Kurtz Chiropractic when I had severe neck and arm pain, tingling and shooting pains into my left shoulder that extended into my left hand. I had seen my primary care physician with no relief. My mother was a patient of Kurtz Chiropractic for a few years and she knew the treatment could help me. I was put on a 12 week program of intensive therapy with exercises at home. I am now able to work again, am virtually pain free and enjoy every minute of being able to hold my 2 month old foster child! I was very impressed with the staff, office and Dr. Light. I tell everyone who asks "how I am doing now" to try chiropractic.

-Alex E.

For two months I had, had throbbing pains in my lower back and neck. I had tried physical therapy and did have okay results but that did not last. I got so tired of pain interrupting my sleep and life. I had my doubts about chiropractic care but Dr. Light and the staff was so friendly and supportive they made me feel less doubtful. Through my treatment, at home exercising, icing and heat regiments I can now sleep all night and have no need for pain medication. Chiropractic has definitely improved my life!
-Sonya K.

I began in the Immediate Care with severe numbness, shooting, sharp, achiness in my right buttocks and leg. I was given pain medication and sent for Physical Therapy. NO relief. I was led to Chiropractic Care because I wanted to know the root of my problem. I was diagnosed with sciatica and a subluxation in my spine. I was advised to do daily stretches, light exercises, and adjustments on a regular basis. WOW, what a relief I can now function and move comfortably.

-Amanda N.

When I first started coming to Kurtz chiropractic I had severe pain in my hips due to the nerve being pinched in two places in my hip. I choose to start chiropractic care because the pain and knowing a regular doctor would only put me on pain killers. My first impression of this office and the staff were that they are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about their jobs and the care given. The chiropractor suggested that I do exercises and my results have been very successful since I started. The treatment has stopped my pain, plus I feel better overall.  I have told many others about chiropractic and would recommend to others that are sick or in pain to see a chiropractor if the regular doctor is not helping.

Doris E.

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