Wilson Fibromyalgia Sufferers Find Relief at Kurtz Chiropractic

wilson fibromyalgia sufferers find reliefs at Kurtz chiropracticFibromyalgia is a debilitating condition that causes chronic pain throughout the body, particularly back pain, neck pain, headache, joint stiffness and fatigue. Anywhere from three to six million people suffer from this chronic, stress-induced condition, 90 percent of whom are women. Many have also endured the added frustration of trying to find a traditional doctor who takes their pain seriously.

We want all Wilson fibromyalgia sufferers, as well as those in the Elm City, Bailey, Middlesex, Kenly, Lucama, Rocky Mount, Pinetops, Black Creek and Stantonsburg areas to know that there is hope. Our skilled and experienced chiropractors have helped hundreds of sufferers to find relief and a new lease on life.

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief

This condition is characterized as pain in the right, left, upper and lower quadrants of the body that continues for three or more months, affecting anywhere from 11 to 18 tender points. Typical symptoms include chronic, widespread pain, such as back pain, neck pain, headache, fatigue, tingling and numbness, weakness, muscle spasms, sleep disorders and memory lapses. Although research into the cause is ongoing, much of the data points toward intense, prolonged stress wreaking havoc on the body's metabolism. There may also be genetic predispositions that affect whether a person will develop the disease.

fibromyalgia relief at Kurtz chiropractic

Here in our Wilson chiropractic office, we take our fibromyalgia patients very seriously, and we have helped many of them discover welcome relief from their excruciating, life-draining symptoms. Our main goal is to get to know each of our patients personally so we can address the root cause of their pain and get long-lasting relief. In this case, we have found that regularly-scheduled, gentle spinal adjustments have helped many of our patients find pain relief and regain more range of motion and flexibility. Gentle spinal adjustments and soft tissue work can also help realign out-of-place vertebrae that may be causing pain and inhibiting the healing process.

In addition to spinal adjustments, each chiropractor can also provide laser therapy for patients who suffer with muscle soreness. The laser penetrates deeply into sore tissues, increasing circulation and stimulating pain relief and healing at the cellular level. We also offer specifically tailored massage therapy sessions that help to loosen and relax stiff, sore muscles and reduce stress. Massage also does more than just relax the patient, however. It also helps increase circulation, improve range of motion, release tension, and remove toxins built up in the body. To complete the picture, we also offer nutrition, exercise and lifestyle counseling, all of which are absolutely critical in helping our patients maintain the reduction in pain and stiffness between visits.

Our Wilson fibromyalgia patients have experienced precious relief from their condition that many of them thought they would never have again. We invite everyone in the area whose life is on hold because of this painful ailment to call us at (252) 234-0000 to discover how we can help them start living again.

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